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Everyone's favorite Instagram generator is back. I'm talking, of course, about the Best Nine Instagram tool. This handy system is super easy to use, and it gives you a bright collage made up of your top nine Instagram posts of 2019.  The generator has popped up a few Decembers in a row now, allowing you to see your top nine most-liked Instagram posts of the year, then compile them into one shareable post. And unlike Instagram’s slideshow component, the Best Nine generator does the dirty work for you, saving you valuable time and leaving you, in the end, with a cool photo collage designed solely for you, as well as intel on how many likes all nine posts cumulatively racked up. Vanity, thy name is Instagram. What's more, it's incredibly easy to use—try the desktop tool or download the app—and you can generate create collages for yourself or anyone else whose handle you know (celebrities included). So whether you’re on top of your social media game, or you just this month discovered what Superzoom is (yes, I’m in that category, don’t @ me…), you too can show off your swagger with this cool, one-of-a-kind post.

If you have used Instagram last year, you have most likely already seen some accounts sharing at end of the year their best nine pictures of the year, with a count of their number of posts over the year and even the total sum of likes for the year, either in 2017, or maybe in 2016. See below how to generate for yourself this kind of post, which is generally called a bestinine Instagram. It might be a surprise, but the bestinnine is not a native or addon app for Instagram, such as boomerang was some time ago, before it was integrated in Instagram stories as a standard function. It is a website that will generate the picture for you, or an application that you can download on your smartphone to generate the picture. It is even possible to create the best nine of any Instagram account, as all you have to do is give the Instagram handle of the account, and it will generate the best of nine for that account, even if you are not the account owner. To do so, several options are offered to you, and two main apps are offering the service, BestNine and TopNine.

Membuat BestNine 2019 Ada Dua Cara Yaitu :

* Menggunakan aplikasi Top Nine untuk Link Download Top Nine 2019 Apk On ApkPure
* Menggunakan aplikasi BestNine untuk Link Download BestNine 2019 Apk On ApkPure
* Menggunakan website Bestnine 2019